Sunday, June 15, 2008

I took the leap!

I've done it! After many months - even years - of contemplating whether or not to do the blogging thing, I took the leap today and started to set up my blog.

I'm totally overwhelmed with all the options and all the other beautiful blogs out there.

The aim of my blog is to be a showcase for all my creative efforts as well as to keep my friends and family part of my life in our always-on-the-go lifestyle.

Please feel free to leave comments - I would love to hear from you!

I also plan to share some of my digital creations so look out for a digi freebie from time to time.

First of all I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my big boy! It's Michael's 13th birthday today. I can't believe he's a teenager already! He's not with me today but that's allright cause he's with his dad (on fathers day) and doing what he loves most in life - fishing in the ocean!

I want to share this wonderfully inspirational and arty site I found - So beautiful to look at - absolutely great web design!

Here's a LO I did today for a challenge on The Design eXperiment - you have to do a lo about your favourite word.

I'm on a roll here today! I did another quick digi lo inspired by an old photo of Marco when he was about 4 years old. I love this photo - he's got such a stunning smile don't you think?



Tracy'sspace said...

Wow, your blog is lovely! Cant believe you just set it up. Welcome to blogdom!

Luisa Ribeiro said...

You finally took the blogging plunge and it really turned out great! Congrats on a super blog, look forward to further visits to learn more about you and to see all those "LEKKER" L.O.'s you're gonna show off!!!

Nessa said...

yeah this layout is so fabulous

KJ-Starre said...

Hey Mich!!! You took the plunge.....hahaha! you're gonna get hooked girl...just like the rest of us. I love what you've done with your's really...YOU! :o)

Happy Birthday Micheal! Wow! 13 already...time sure flies.

I look forward to seeing your digi work, Mich....I dabble but don't do too much of it. Hey I have a feeling you might inspire me to try harder at it....because your 'Freakin' L.O is so COOL! (No pun intended :o)

Feel free to add my blog link.....I suppose I can't keep 'hiding' forever hahaha! but that means your link is going on mine too hey!!!
Pop over to mine often OK...there are often challenges & it would be so cool if you joined in.
I hope you are having a great long weekend.
~KJ x

Martie said...

Hi Sus
Nice, very nice hope you will keep it up to date. Congrates with Michael's B-day. See you on the 4th July.



Congrat on your blog!!!
It's lovely, I hope it brings you great joy!!!

voodoo vixen said...

Yay Mich, your blog looks super!! And you managed to add alll this cool stuff straigh away... I haven't figured half of it out yet!!

SABEE said...

Hey Mich. I must of been dreaming when I said I could post, or it could be because I need to get into bed and I am tyad. Your blog is fab !!! You did well girl.. Happy blogging !!!

juliaom said...

Cool blog, pretty in pink. J in KY.

Stefanie said...

Hi, I saw your Lo on Kim's blog and I think it is awesome and down right lekker too.
Welcome to blogdom.
Local is lekker!