Saturday, June 28, 2008

Gratuity Journal

I decided to deliberately start blogging about things that I’m grateful for – sort of a gratuity journal as part of my blog. I have so many blessings and I can’t thank the Lord enough for them all. Sometimes I don’t appreciate all those blessings and by journaling them I hope to start really seeing all my blessings – big and small.

I’m so grateful that we’ve all adapted and everything turned out so good for all of us after the divorce.

I guess my life now is not that of a typical mommy – spending quality family time every weekend with the kids and doing things together. I had to adapt to not being with my kids every second weekend when they go to their dad. After 8 years I think we’re all used to this lifestyle and I actually enjoy my “alone” weekends just as much as my “kids weekends”. It gives me a little chance to do what I want and spending time with Leon without worrying about the kids. They enjoy spending time with their dad and we’re all happy to see each other on Sunday evenings.


TheDecoDetective said...

Lovely boys! And you've got some lovely, positive posts on your new blog! I think the Internet should be actively used for spreading happiness and all things positive, like you do.

KJ-Starre said...

I like your idea of a gratitude journal....I too am grateful everyday to the Lord for my life. Yes, I get hacked off & irritated sometimes with the ground-hog of it all but I wouldn't be normal if I didn't hey?

I am so glad for you that things are working out...nice people like you deserve happiness :o)