Saturday, June 28, 2008

It's Real Life!

This was fun! Thanks for the challenge Jessica!

This is what my real life looks like - well sort of. See I took these pics at my second home (Leon's house in Parys) since that's where I am now. We'll probably move in her permanently one of these days after we've refurbished the house the way we want it to be. So technically - it is my home.

Curb appeal - The first thing you see - even as you approach the house - is the huge oak tree. I absolutely love this tree and I recon it's the best feature of the entire house. I took pictures of the tree from the same angle at various times of the year. This year autumn arrived late in Parys but when it did - it hit with full force! Just look at the difference between the picture taken on 7th June and the one taken today! (click on the photo to see a bigger picture)

Our Junk Drawer is also actually a Junk Cupboard in the kitchen. In there you'll find anything from vitamins to duct tape to glue! Bet there's not a lot of junk cupboards with lace edges around! :)

I'm not big on jewelry and although I have a whole lot of other beautiful jewelry I almost always wear only this mabe ring. Not even sure why I like it so much - thing maybe I'm just so used to it - it's just so part of me.

This is the place from where I blog - we're busy redecorating this part of the house so one of these days it will look a bit better but for now it's a great place cause it's sunny and warm! :)
My best feature - uhm - that's a difficult one! I've heard that I have a nice smile. I'll go with what the "other people" say on this one!


Marfa said...

That was fun! You have a lovely smile!!! I just had to comment on that beautiful ring...what is mabe? is it a pearl? The lace adds a nice touch to your "junk" area, it looks great, actually!

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

I agree you have a great smile!

That's interesting to think you're going into fall...and your junk cupboard looks pretty to me!

So glad you could come over to play!

Love Celine's smile too!

KJ-Starre said...

Hey Mich...looks like some of my regular bloggie buddies have strayed over to you...that's SO great! It is fab to see a bit of your definitely have a great smile :o)

Hope the renovation goes well....I have a million war stories, so don't get me started haha!