Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mirror album and more!

I know, I know - I'm probably not supposed to change the entire look of my blog after only a week but I did - cause I can and cause I wanted to. I'll probably change it every week untill get bored with creating new banners. Until then - expect the unexpected :)

I got my new cellphone on Friday – a HTC S710. Still trying to figure it all out. It’s much more complex than my old Nokia but I'm impressed with what I saw so far. At least I could post on my blog from it last night - better than what I can say about the PC in my living room - the one that Noah forgot to take with him when he went into the ark!

I finished my Mirror Album that we started in Heidi Swapp’s class at the Scrapbooking Convention on 1/5/2008. At last! I didn’t have a lot of time to scrap in the meantime and I really wanted to spend quality time with this one. Heidi presented a wonderfully inspiring class. The theme of the album is “to my heart be true”. A lot of introspection went into making this – not just your standard mini album! Although I used her basic concept, I customised it to suit my style and personality. Almost everything I used to make this album are from Heidi’s new product range. I absolutely love all her new stuff – from the beautiful patterned paper to the chandelier crystals! You can see the entire album on my SIS gallery (34 pictures!)

I feel so absolutely blessed today - for no particular reason. Just because I'm healthy and happy. I have my kids with me and I feel rich, so very rich, because I have Jesus Christ in my life! :)

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KJ-Starre said...

I was helping a friend do a scrappy class over the weekend & one of the girlies there had hers like this there. It is amazing...I loved all the layering....Heidi's new range is certainly getting a bit funkier...& her overlays ROCK!!

Your new blog vibe is cool.....getting the header is a pain hey? What I suggest is you right mouse click for the pixel info...once you have it....create a new doc in PS the exact same size & do your digi magic. It should fit perfectly.