Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Flower Fun

On Sunday I told you that I was busy creating a LO using this sketch from Swirlydoos:
This is my completed LO:

I had too much fun playing with my flowers. Think I got a bit (understatement!) carried away. I'm not sure that I like the end result so much - it's too busy. I enjoyed the process though and I think sometimes that's all that matters! :)

Translated, the journaling means: "Celine, always keep love in your heart ... without it it's likea garden without flowers".

This LO I made last week:
And this one I made this morning. After I finished sewing curtains for my bathroom, I was itching to sew some paper - haven't done that in a loooooooong time. I love the messy stitching - much better than having to neatly sew curtains! :)
Oh - almost forgot to mention - I used this sketch for the design of this last LO. It's a Pagemaps sketch by Becky Fleck. It was used for a challenge on one or the other blog I think but I just can't find the challenge now??!!
Thanks to everybody who sends me well wishes regularly. I can assure you all that I'm really taking it slowly most of the time. I only scrap and do other things as and when I feel up to it and I make sure that I get enough rest every day. I've learnt a couple of lessons the hard way by overdoing it so now I'm taking it bit by bit. :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

"My Boys" Mini Album

All this staying at home is making me lazy!!!!!!! I don't know how I'll ever be able to get up early in the mornings to go to work. I've really been spoiled rotten.

On Thursday when the girls from the office came for lunch I did a bit too much running around in the morning. When they arrived and wanted too see all the renovations that we did to the house, I could feel that I'm pushing the limits. That evening my entire body ached! I took it much slower from then on.

We had so much fun and Leon is an excellent chef! We had snails for starters, fillet steak with roasted veggies for mains and chocolate brownies with ice cream for desert. I set the table with a beautiful pink floral tablecloth, pink plates and pink serviettes - a real girly girly table. I even made name cards for each person. Can you believe that I didn't even take one photo?!! I'm really disappointed with myself for that! :( Anyways - here is at least the design of the name cards that I made. I used pink cardstock for the base.
I took some photos this morning of this cute little mini-album that I made with the girls at the LSS a while ago. We made it from scratch and I enjoyed it so much! I used a couple of my favourite photos of my 2 beautiful boys from the past year or so. They're growing up way too fast!

Leon is busy re-loading (one of his many hobbies), so I have time to scrap today! I'm busy with a lo using this sketch from the Swirlydoos site (Thanks for the link Lynette). I'm not really good with following sketches but this one was so pretty - I just had to give it a go. I've even pulled out my paint, so now I'm really having fun! Will show you my finished LO tomorrow.

Hope all of you have a great Sunday!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Keychain albums

More than a year ago, I made this little keychain album for a challenge over at SIStv.
I loved how it came out and I attached it to my scrapbooking shoulder bag.
When I scrapped with the girls at my local Scrapshop the other day, they noticed this album and went crazy over it. They decided that they wanted to make something similar for their next project. I joined them for a while but because that was the night when Leon returned I couldn't finish my little album.
Yesterday I sat down and finished it at last. This is how it came out.

I used random pictures of myself through my childhood and adult life. This one is also slightly larger that the first one. Think I might give this one to my mom.

I made this LO over the weekened of some of Marco's athletics pics from last year:

Today the girls from the office are coming for lunch. Leon will play chef and waiter so I can relax and catch up on all the gossip! :)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Memories Warehouse

If you don't know about this great South African scrapbooking site - here are 4 very good reasons to visit it today still:

1. Amelia is hosting a competition including a couple of challenges with great prizes over at The Memories Warehouse site!

The first challenge is to create a page with this sketch:
And this is the prize for the first challenge:This is the LO I made for this challenge:
There are more challenges coming up and the prizes are all yummy!

The competition details are posted in the forum - sorry can't create a direct link to the specific thread - just look for the one titled "Competition".

2. The second good reason to pop over there right now is because they have a massive SALE on in the on-line shop! I've already place two orders since the start of the Sale. They have patterned paper for as low as R1 per sheet!

3. While you're over there - be sure to say hi to all the lovely girls in the forum!

4. Be sure to visit the gallery for some inspiration too! :)

Friday, August 7, 2009

It's Friday already!

They say time flies when you have fun so I guess I shouldn't be surprised that it's Friday already! I'm having soooo much fun at home! Wish I can become a SAHM.
Soo ... I picked a name out of the "teacup" and the winner of my blog banner giveaway is ...

Congrats Desire! I'll e-mail you to make arrangements for setting it up.

I still haven't finished (or worked on) my blog banner. Too busy with my papers and SB room. Must admit - paper is my first love ... and it will be my last! I enjoy playing around with digi stuff but I love the "reality" of paper scrapping more.
In response to Stefanie's comment about an earlier post of mine - I'm really not as clued up with the blog beautification as you might think. I know that Wilna Furstenburg presented a course on just that a while ago - she's REALLY good at it!
Look at this beautiful thing I stumbled upon on the web:

This is what I did almost all day long yesterday! I sorted my alphas. I reckoned I had a few but never realised they were SO many! I used plastic bags to keep the smaller ones seperate.

And this is what my Alphabet Chest of Drawers that I had made recently looks like:
I absolute adore it and can't wait to make my first title from it! :) Leon put it up for me above my sewing desk in my scrap room. Here's a couple more shots of my pinker than pink scrap room. I love to paint and distress furniture. Don't you just adore my pink chest of drawers! Still need to find the perfect drawer knobs for it though.
I love bunnies - can you tell?! :)

My scrap room is still very much a work in progress as I still have shelves that I need to be put up and a LOT of organising to be done but I'm getting there ... slowly but surely!

Today I want to scrap a couple of school pages ... I think. Will have to see where my mojo takes me though ...

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Too much too soon!

I think I just might be doing too much too soon! Because I'm an insomniac, I don't want to sleep during the day. I also find it VERY difficult just to lie in be reading or watching TV, sooooo .... I wander around the house and find things to keep myself busy with. Which is not so hard for me. There are a LOT of stuff that I want to do. I know my limitations at the moment, so I leave the house decorating / painting for later but I've started to paper scrap - with all the getting up that goes along with it.

I scrapped this page yesterday:
I took this photo in Nov 2007 already and wanted to scrap it eversince but never got around to doing it until now. Don't you just adore rainbows?!
I also made this Jacobs Ladder mini album:
I've wanted to make one of these eversince I first saw it a couple of years ago. It looked real complicated but it's really not. I used this tutorial. I love wildflowers and I'm always taking pictures of them but I never know how to scrap them. I decided to use some of them for this little album. I'm so intrigued by the movement of the Jacob's ladder - I played with it all day long! :)
Here's a video clip of a jacob's Ladder album in action:
I stumbled upon the Yearbook Yourself website and had a bit of fun over there. Here are some of the results:
Oh - I also baked some chocolate brownies. Yum!
I felt good all day long yesterday - didn't even need pain tablets! Last night however, my body was really angry at me for overdoing it!
Today I promised myself to take it slower. BUT I still plan to re-organise my scrap room. I will do it little by little and take time to rest inbetween - I promise! :)
Can't wait to show you my new alphabet drawer cupboard thinghy that I had made by the sweetest old guy! That will have to wait till after the re-organisation.
Have a great day! :)