Sunday, June 28, 2009

I scrapped!

Yesterday I went to scrap with a bunch of ladies at the local Scrapbooking Shop in Parys. I didn't know anybody and almost didn't go, but I'm so glad that I did. They are all a bunch of great girls - it actually goes without saying - they're scrappers after all! :)

I had a ball and I scrapped a double page layout. Ican't even remember when the last time was that I scrapped a double page! Lots of inspiration and creative juices was just what my mojo needed.
This is the layout I made:
My scraproom is sort of sorted now - sorted enough so I can scrap there in any case. I will try to take pics of it and post later in the week.

Went to bed way past my bedtime last night so I slept in this morning. The icy weather doesn't really help to get my energy going. I only feel like eating and messing around in my scraproom which is all cosy and warm.
Have a great day and week!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I love the postman!

Yesterday the postman brought me LOTS of goodies! I received my first Scarlet Lime kit (May) with all of these goodies: I also got these pretty postcards that I ordered on Etsy – all the way from Norway:

This is just one of the Anne Julie postcards that I ordered on Etsy as well.

I plan to frame all the postcards to hang in my house and give some away as gifts too.

My house is STILL a mess. The plumbers had to take out all the old pipes as the house is very old and the pipes are “kapoet”. They also had to move the geyser. One more week and I think the bathrooms will be done.

Just the other day I read the following somewhere: “When was the last time you did something for the first time?” I realized that it has been ages since I really tried something new. I thought about it long and hard and decided that the thing I want to to that I’ve never done before (and always wanted to) was to give oil painting a try. So I signed up for art lessons at a local gallery in Parys. My first class is on 2 July and I can’t wait! Because of my work it has to be after hours and I hope I’ll have energy left at the end of the day to give this my best go. I know I’m not very artistic but I also know that this is on my “things I have to do before I die” list. So … watch this space ........................................... (o;

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Before and after ...

At last I’m posting a couple of before and after shot of our renovations. I think I just became to fed up with the entire process to appreciate the end results. It’s only now that I look back at the pics that I really see what a big improvement it all is.

The garage and driveway:

The front:

The back:

The flat:

Look what we did with this old water tower. I love my “weather owl”! It still needs a new door and some racks – eventually it will serve as a little garden shed. The inside of the old part of the house is a bit of a mess at the moment as we are busy repainting it all, renovating the old bathrooms and replacing all the light fittings.

The end is in sight! :o)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I’m a lucky girl!

Look what a special gift I got from my special man!

I sampled this perfume when we had dinner at my favourite restaurant last weekend. They have a little table with complimentary perfume outside the toilets and I immediately fell in love with Daisy. I couldn’t stop smelling my wrists all night long! Looks like Leon eventually got the hint ;o) Apparently, he couldn’t find it anywhere in our little “village” so he asked his sister to search for it in Pretoria. He’s such a darling for making such an effort to get it for me – and all behind my unsuspecting back!

You just have to visit their website – it’s soo cute!

Other than feeling happy and smelling like a .. uhm … daisy, I don’t have much news for now. Lots of painting and tiling going on at the house but I’ll tell and show you that next time.

Have a great week!