Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I’m a lucky girl!

Look what a special gift I got from my special man!

I sampled this perfume when we had dinner at my favourite restaurant last weekend. They have a little table with complimentary perfume outside the toilets and I immediately fell in love with Daisy. I couldn’t stop smelling my wrists all night long! Looks like Leon eventually got the hint ;o) Apparently, he couldn’t find it anywhere in our little “village” so he asked his sister to search for it in Pretoria. He’s such a darling for making such an effort to get it for me – and all behind my unsuspecting back!

You just have to visit their website – it’s soo cute!

Other than feeling happy and smelling like a .. uhm … daisy, I don’t have much news for now. Lots of painting and tiling going on at the house but I’ll tell and show you that next time.

Have a great week!



Sophia said...

Lucky girl, I am so wanting that...

jacqui said...

what a lucky lady! love surprises!