Thursday, June 19, 2008

Just another working day

Nothing exciting to report today. I thought I'd share this photo I took over the weekend - of my feet! I made a LO some time ago with a photo I took of my feet on the beach - titled "Holiday Feet". When I saw my feet in these toe-socks I got the idea to take a photo and do a "Winter Feet" LO :) I'll do the LO later - maybe this weekend - it's way too cold now to sit at my scrap table!

Here's one of the photos that I took on Monday of the Giraffe we saw. Not a great picture I know. These are such amazingly beautiful animals - hope one day I get the opportunity to take proper photos of them!


Belinda said...

I think your site is "fab" - well done... I have added you onto my site as one of my favourites - hope you don't mind... Belinda D.

Five-Browns said...

I love finding other SA bloggers - woo hoo! And a scrapper to boot. Love the toe sox...gotta get me some of those, am off to the Cedaberg in the hols and its gonna be FREEZING!

KJ-Starre said...

Hey Mich...aren't those sox very uncomfortable to wear?? They are quite cute looking tho'....& would be great for a L.O.

I am glad you are doing a L.O for this weeks challenge...deadline is Tuesday PM....mail me the L.O...OK.
Have a super weekend.

Reporter said...

i say hello from italy , in a hot afternoon sunday ... See your blog after my wonderbyte blog in .
See u soon in south africa (2010)


voodoo vixen said...

Your pic of the giraffe is way better than most of the ones I got... they tend to get lost in the trees!!

The blog is looking great Mich, and those socks are cute... but I hated the wool between my toes when I had a pair!!