Monday, January 1, 2007

Michelle's Book Exchange

I love reading - only wish I had more time to read. I always have at least one book that I'm busy reading. I get a little nervous when I get to the end of a book and I don't have the next one lined up. Don't get me wrong - it's not as if I devour one book after another - it sometimes take me up to 2 months to complete a book but when I do finish it - I want to know that there is another one waiting on my nightstand.

I'm always on the lookout for a good read and like to listen to what other people recommend rather than to just pick a book based on what the back cover tells me about it. I borrow books left right and centre and always make sure that I return them to their owner because I know what it feels like to lend a book out to somebody just to never see it again in your life!

It just makes the price of a book so much more worthwhile if more than one person gets the joy out of reading it. This is the reason why I decided to start a book exchange on my blog.

Some books are just too precious too let go while others - even if I enjoyed them thoroughly - I know I will not reread and therefore I'm willing to let go of it.

Here is a list of all the books I have available - for free to somebody who wants it. I'll even pay the postage to get it to you. That's if you are prepared to share with me your list of books on your bookshelf gathering dust that you are prepared to part with. If I like one I will let you know and wha-lha! we've done a book exchange! :)

So, without further ado - here is my list of books up for grabs. I will always try to link it with a review of the book - so click on the book to take you to the review.

If you're really interested in reading one (or two or three), let me know by using the contact block in my sidebar and I will post it to you - as easy as that.

Although I have read all of these books - I can't say that I'm a fan of all of them but it must at least have been a half decent read if I've finished it.

Out of the Blue - Charlotte Bingham
Mary, Mary - James Patterson
Disobedience - Jane Hamilton
Two Little Girls in Blue - Mary Higgins Clark

Your's Faithfully - Sheila O'Flanagan

No Place like Home - Mary Higgins Clark
Million Little Pieces - James Frey
Into Temptation - Penny Vincenzi

I have more books lying around here and there and will update the list as I go along so pop in again!


Simply Mel said...

What an incredible idea! Wow - will post a link on my blog to try get the word out.

am a bit bummed cos I just took about 50 books to the local second hand bookstore....would have loved to have traded out with you!

Eilandkind said...

Hi Michelle! Dankie vir jou besoekie op my blog. Ek het eers gister jou crazy lekker lewe binnegeval met my gerond kuier op die web.
Het nog nie kans gehad om 'n voetspoor te los nie, maar het jou wel op my blogrol gesit sodat ek jou nie moet vergeet nie. Jy't 'n wonderlike lewe en plek hier!
Ek hou van jou boek idee, gelukkig kry ons darem tweede handse boeke hier op die eiland, ek was bang ek sou nie en ek is MAL oor lees.
Al boek op hierdie lysie wat ek al gelees het is A million little pieces. Ek het gehou daarvan, maar toe hoor ek die ou het gejok, hy het dit voorgehou as 'n ware verhaal, maar het dit eintlik alles opgemaak. Ag nou ja, dit was steeds goed gewees.
Ek sal weer hier kom kuier!