Sunday, September 28, 2008

Manic Monday

It's Monday already and I don't want it to be! I still want it to be weekend! Why does time fly so fast when you're having fun?

On Friday afternoon we finalised the changes we needed done on our building plans and on Saturday we went to the showroom of the people who's gonna make my dream kitchen a reality! I'm soooo excited! We're still waiting for the quote and I'm afraid it's going to be VERY expensive but I really really want that kitchen so bad! I could kick myself for not taking photos of the kitchens in their showroom so that I could show you all what it looks like! It's really something different - that's all I can tell you for now!

We had such a nice weekend with the kids. We played and relaxed and dreamed of our new home. I didn’t get a lot done creatively, but at least I finished Sharmaine's blog banner at last! I also helped her to give her blog a bit of a facelift. You have to go visit her blog. She is such a talented scrapper! This is what her new banner looks like:
If you - like most scrapbookers do - like fonts, you will appreciate this video. I think it's brilliant!

Click here to watch the video (I got the link from Jan's blog)

Now it's back to work for me! :(


Sharmaine said...

very funny video! Thanks for the link.
Thanks also for the blog love and your kind words. Hope the week is a good one :)

Desire Fourie said...

Wow, Sharmaine's new blog banner is just gorgeous. Well done.

jacqui said...

Lovely banner! I'm off to visit Sharmaine's blog now. Can't wait to see your new kitchen.... I've just recently been through a kitchen revamp... if you need to chat and destress, let me know..... it's worth all the stress when it's completed!

caro said...

Sharmaine's blog looks great! so spacious & colourful!!! well done.

Tracy said...

Divine Blog Header - well done!!

Love, Tracy