Monday, September 22, 2008

His and Hers ...

It seems like there might be a bit of a misunderstanding about the V8 (look at the comments on my previous post)

The V8 belongs to Leon! He drives it and pays for the petrol and only let me play with it every now and then. I DON'T put petrol in that animal! Can't afford to!

Here's pictures of what HIS car looks like: (only Leon's car is pure silver)
That's the reason why, even though my heart desires a big old 4 x 4, I decided to settle for a more economical car. A girl has to think about her stash money off course - nothing must come between a girl and her stash!

Since my decision is final now and I can't wait to share the news, I'll reveal the big secret!

The car that I bought is the Mazda 3 - 2.3 Individual! It looks like this (same colour and all):
On the inside it looks like this:
It drives like a dream! And it has a sunroof! I've never really cared for a sunroof but now I can't wait to get my car, open the sunroof and let my hair blow in the wind! :)

Hope they'll have it ready for my by the end of the week.

I know, I know - for a girl who don't care much for cars, I talk a lot about cars these days! This too shall pass. By next month everything will be back to normal and I will be the same old Michelle with nothing but scrapbooking on her mind! :) :) :)


Stephie G said...

Ooh too funny I just got my first car a month ago and also got a Mazda 3...yours is a bit up from mine but yes it is a NICE car I love mine! Does yours have that "stick shift on training wheels thing" Mine does and LOVE that too :)

Sophia said...

Hey girl, at least you getting a new car, I would so die for a new one...but for now, the old one will suffice!

voodoo vixen said...

Love the new cars Mich!! Mind you, filling a V8 with gas at UK prices (R20 a litre)would the shine off somewhat!! I'll go with your new Mazda!!

SABEE said...

Oh, Mich, love your new car! Congrats and enjoy :)

Tracy said...

Love your new baby - Enjoy!!!!

Love, Tracy