Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Children of Africa

Last night was Celine's school concert. The theme was "Children of Africa". The entire concert was so well thought out with just the right music, beautiful costumes and well coreagraphed (well - as well as you can expect of primary school kids at least) dance moves.

Celine is in Grade 2. She looked so sweet with her "stage make-up" and costume! And when she danced on staged I had to wipe a tear or two (ok - it was more - I cry easily!) - it was to sweet for words!

Here's a couple of pics of our own little Dancing Queen.
I stood at the back of the hall - taking pictures using my 400mm lens. Needless to say - I had to do a whole lot of Photoshop work on the stage photos to lighten them up as they came out very dark - that's why they look so blurry.


Eilandkind said...

aa, ek was altyd MAL oor skoolkonsert hou!
Die hele petalje, van die make-up tot die toneelspeel/sing deel.
En ek hou natuurlik nog steeds van skoolkonserte kyk, tot nou toe.

Muriel (Wipneus) said...

Sy lyk te cute! Ek is ook mal oor skoolkonserte!

Tracy said...

Oh so cute!

I always get blurry, dark photos but I love being at School Concerts because these little people put their little hearts into it - gotta love that!!

Love, Tracy

SABEE said...

I love school concerts too. Oh and the crying bit, that is me to the T...