Saturday, October 4, 2008

I'm a lazy blogger

I haven't posted all week! I'm a lazy old bag!

I took two days off work (again!). On Thursday I took the kids to the movies. They wanted to see Tropic Thunder. Only after we already bought the tickets I realised that the movie had an age restriction of 16 for violence and language. I never allow my kids to watch age restricted movies over 13. They twisted my arm to allow them to watch this movie and so we did. I wasn't crazy about it all - I really think it was a load of carp! A couple of unnecessarily gross scenes and a couple of foul word but not too excessive. The boys enjoyed it in any case and I guess there won't be any permanent damage to their sensitive little souls.

On Friday I went to "Aardklop" - an Afrikaans Arts festival in Potchefstoom.
I went all by myself because I couldn't get anybody to come with me and thoroughly enjoyed wandering around on my own time. I didn't see any shows - only browsed the hundreds if not thousands of arts and crafts stalls. I bought a couple of nice things for the house and a beautiful charm bracelet for myself. Oh - and gifts for the kids and Leon of course.

We got the quote for the kitchen and although it's way higher than what we hoped for, we decided to go for it anyway. We also met with the builder for the first time this week. They will start with some smaller work that don't require building plans until we get the plans approved. I guess the fun and games and mess is going to start some time real soon. Urg - don't really look forward to the whole process but as they say - no pain, no gain.

We went to look at gas stoves, kitchen sinks, taps and bathroom stuff today. Everything I want is sooo freakin expensive!! I want everything to have an antique look which makes it even more difficult and expensive.
This is the stove that I want:

These are the kitchen taps I want for the kitchen:
This is the kitchen sink I want:
And .... for our master bathroom, I want this bath:
... with these taps:
That doesn't mean that I'll definitely get what I want in the end - we do have a budget for all of this and I guess I'll have to sacrifice here and there. But a girl can dream, can't she?!
It's all very exciting albeit nerve wrecking at the same time.

I can already imagine my completed dream house ....

I want to take lots of "before" pictures of the house - inside and out - tomorrow. I want to do a mini album of our renovations. That is once I have my scrap room all set up - which will probably only be some time next year!
In the mean time it will only be digi scrapping for me - that's if I can find a gap to do one!
Hope you're all enjoying your weekends and having fun. I'm off to read a couple of my favourite blogs now while Leon is busy playing with his new bullet reloading toys.


Cathy said...

Good luck with your renovations. I sure hope they go according to plan. My kitchen renovation took 18 months! Hubby did it himself but by the end I had had MORE than enough!

Desire Fourie said...

Those appliances are really stylish, great to go with gas these days. Good luck with the renovations.

Sharmaine said...

Wow, gorgeous additions, if they happen!! We hope to one day renovate our kitchen... one day lol

voodoo vixen said...

Oh my Mich, I am with you on all the wants... my Mum had one of those Aga wood burning stoves in her farmhouse kitchen and it was amazing, heated the entire house and cooked too!! Dreams are free my dear, and if you hang on long enough... you get to make them reality. Look forward to the mini book!!

karin said...

well, one must never let go of your hope!!! I certainly hope you get all of these pretty things.
take care

SABEE said...

Ooooh, I like the stove, and my advice, you must go for Gas :). As for the taps and the sink and all the other stuff, wow, you do have good taste. Good luck with the renovations though.

KJ-Starre said...

Hellloooo...sorry I have been so scarce but I've been a bloggy bag too...too lazy to read even.

Sounds like you have your new house all mapped out, I love the vintage done mod feel. I REALLY hope it all works out as you planned :o)

Oh...& to answer your question from the other day...digi is fine.
Have a great day!

caro said...

Oh My! thay stove is awesome, LOVE the cream, but then any colour would be coolio cool.

and as for that bath ....

okay, so I'm visiting especially because you've been so quiet? and I like those photo frames of your today. Have you seen the spraground advert yet?

lekker NAWEEK!!!!!

Tracy said...

Oohh yummy goodies - hope you get through the renovating thing even partly sane - just keep seeing the end of the road - it's one of my worst things ever but the result is always so worth it!!!

Good Luck!!

Love, Tracy