Sunday, October 12, 2008

Where has the time gone?!

I cannot believe that the week is over and gone! And so is the weekend! Feels like life is running away with me at the moment. Hope that one day things will slow down a bit but for now I just have to run to keep up. I hope my guardian angel can also keep up! ;)
This week at work was just hectic! Don't even want to go there. At home, things are equally hectic. Meetings with the builder to finalise the plans, going to the shops in lunch time to try and pick tiles, doors, window frames, etc, etc. The "to buy" list seems endless and I don't want to leave it in the hands of the builder - I want to pick every little thing myself. Only problem is - I can't make up my mind about most of the stuff!
Daisy was sick. I took her to the Vet on Friday after noon and again on Saturday afternoon. She can't really figure out what is wrong with her but it seems like the second bunch of tablets that she prescribed is working. I really worried about my doggy but she looks much better now.
Today we (Leon, Celine and I) decided to break away from the madness and went to Savannah Cheetah Foundation - a game ranch just outside Parys. What a beautiful place! They have a Cheetah breeding program and we could go in with the Cheetahs and even touch them. Kids under 13 are not allowed in with the Cheetah as they still see them as pray and might attack them. What a wonderful experience it was to touch (and get licked by) a Cheetah!
After the Cheetah visit we went for a game drive at the same game ranch. We saw so many animals! Here are a couple of them:
Grey Rhebok:
Blue Wildebeest (Gnu):
Kudu Cow:
Burchell's Zebra:
Red Hartebeest:
Gemsbuck (Oryx):
Sable Antelope:
We also saw Springbuck, Impala and Eland but I didn't get good shots of them.
I still have a couple of hours of the weekend left to enjoy - then it's back to the rat race.
Hope all of you will have a wonderful week - and think of me when you scrap! I don't even think I know how to anymore! :(


Mika said...

Great pictures! Mika (

Desire Fourie said...

Wow, touching and walking with cheetahs must be on your list for most unusual things done. I have never heard of Grey Rhebok, they nearly look like foxes with those ears. Beautiful animals.

jacqui said...

Wow, what a wonderful experience. Lovely pics! Hope you have a wonderful week.

SABEE said...

Lovely pics Mich, dont worry about the Impala there norammly so many of them :) Wish I was in the Cheetah enclosure. It is funny how you take things for granted 'cause you in live in Africa and you can do these things. I now wish I had done that when I was home. Did the Lion cub enclosure at the lion park and as little as they are they do mistake small children for prey, it happened with Aidan and Emma where the cubs went for them. :) Enjoy your week, enjoy the shopping too.