Friday, August 1, 2008

Who's game for a challenge?

Right - this time it's not going to be just as easy as download-and-run. This time round you're going to have to play along to be able to get my freebie. I made a fun birdie mini kit with 2 x patterned papers, 1 x paper tree, 2 x cute little black birdies, 1 x acrylic bracket frame and 1 x journaling block. It's free to all those who's up for the challenge to make a lo with this set and send it to me by the end of the weekend. But wait ... there's more! (I'm starting to sound like the home shopping ads!) I'll give a bonus freebie to all those who play along after all the lo's are posted.

Here's what you have to do - send me a message using the contact block in my sidebar. I will send you the link and the password to download the little bird set. You then have the whole weekend to play and create - I need all the LO's e-mailed back to me or you can let me know where you've posted it too. On Tuesday I will post all the LO's on my blog and send the bonus freebie to all those who played along. Sounds like fun, right!
So here's a close up of what this set looks like:

And here is the whole set.
You are welcome to add as many other stuff as you want to.
Paper / Hybrid scrappers are also more than welcome to join in the fun.
Can't wait to get your e-mails so I can start sending the link!


Stefanie said...

I can't get the fancy form to work.
Stefanie from my email
I love your digi LO on Kim's blog and am game to try a digi challenge. Thanks.

Melanie said...

Hi Michelle,
loved using your kit!! My lo is here


KJ-Starre said...

Hi Mich...only catching up with blogging now...I'm sorry I missed your challenge. I am keen to try tho...just for the fun. I'll give you the link once I'm done...:o)

Great kit by the way...oh, & cool news about the boat trip hey! What a blast you 4 chickies are going to have...trouble...I see trouble in the making heehee!

Anonymous said...

TFS! You can find my LO here;

"At the Lake"