Monday, August 11, 2008

The weekend is over!

Phew – so much fun in so little time! Not good to be back at work but at least I have good memories to hold onto! Here’s a brief recap:

Friday – Took the kids to their athletics meeting in Orkney. There were 7 schools competing – so much more competition than last week. Once again - Marco made me such a proud mommy! He won his high jump event and came second (only just! I must add) with turbo jav (like mini javelin) and shotput. We’re not sure about the results of his sprints (80m and 100m) because there were 2 heats and no finals – they work on the times and we don’t know what they were yet but he won the first heat.

Here is my little champ in action:


100 metre sprint:

Shotput:Turbo Jav:

His very first spikes: We were exhausted when we came home but we managed to see the highlights of the Olympics opening ceremony – wow, even though I hate what’s going on behind the scenes in that country (w.r.t. human right violations) I have to give credit where credit is due – that was one magnificent show!!! Wish I had more time to watch some of the events on TV.

On Saturday I had a “shopping date” with a friend. We didn’t really do a whole lot of actual shopping – more like drooling over all the pretty things we saw. We browsed around in all the antique shops and art galleries in Parys. I only bought this pretty little Willow Tree figurine Her name is Happiness and I can see why! This is my first one but I will have to add a couple more of them to my collection soon!

I had a bit of an accident – in one of the shops my handbag bumped against a lamp which caused a domino effect on all the things stacked on the table! Luckily only one thing broke but it was a very expensive hand made glass plate and I had to cough up R295 (roughly USD40) for it!

I saw the most beautiful paintings by a local artist – can’t remember her name now – but I’m definitely going to save up to buy one of her paintings. I can’t believe we spent 6 hours in town and we didn’t even cover half of the shops! And I thought Parys was a tiny little country town. Don’t underestimate this little town – it’s filled with treasures!

Saturday evening we took the kids out for dinner and I spent the rest of the evening playing around with my digi toys.

We all went to bed way past midnight on Saturday night so when Leon woke us all early on Sunday to announce that we’re going to the Vaal Dam for a picnic and some fishing nobody was extremely exited about it. It turned out to be such a perfect day though! The weather was just great and we all had a ball! The kids did some fishing and Celine held a fish in her hands for the first time! We arrived home after 8 o’clock last night – all tired and dirty but we couldn’t stop talking about how much fun we had!

Have I mentioned that I LOVE weekends?!

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KJ-Starre said...

I love the pic slide show on your side bar...please share the 'how to' because it knocks the socks off Slide...blah!

It is great to see another family going fishing...I now don't feel so weird after all...:o)I am glad you got some R&R together.