Saturday, August 2, 2008

I'm going on a boat trip!!!

My sister invited me to go on a boat trip with herself, her daughter and her friend. We'll be 4 woman travelling together. We all get along very well and they are all so much fun to be with. I can hardly wait! The only problem is that I will have to wait until January 2009.

The trip is booked on the MSC Melody from 16 to 19 January. We will sail from Durban, SA to the Portuguese Islands and back - 3 nights on the boat - 4 days in total! I've never been on a big ocean liner and I'm a bit scared because I suffer from severe motion sickness. I won't allow that little problem to spoil the fun for me though!

Here's a photo of the MSC Melody:
Looks nice hey!

Now I'm off to bed to dream about it :)


Mika said...

O great, good weather, swimming and a cocktail, what do you want more in life. have fun!
X Mika (

Anonymous said...

get some raw ginger and eat that a few hours before the trip and during the trip.

God bless.