Friday, August 15, 2008

Hey Hey its Friday!!!!

Whooohoooo!!!! It's Friday again!!!! As you all know by now - I live for weekends!

This weekend I'm going to be all by myself - the kids are going to their dad and Leon is away on a hunting trip until Sunday. My mom will come and stay with me so we can catch up a little and we're just going to chill! Sounds like we're literally going to chill if I look at the weather forecast!!

I want to do paper scrapping this weekend. I want to scrap and cut and paste and paint and ink and tear and play and play and play until I have paint / glue / ink / paper scraps EVERYWHERE! I haven't done paper scrapping for ages and I'm really feeling the withdrawal symptoms.

So - bad news is that I probably won't have a freebie for you this weekend :( Hope that doesn't make you love me less! ;)

Before the fun and games can start - I have to get back to real life for a while - We have our monthly business meeting this morning and still have a couple of reports and stats to finish before then - B O R I N G!!!!!


KJ-Starre said...

How could we love you any less????? You are to darn sweet :o)

I hope your meeting isn't to *yawn* boring??? Now that I am not working that is one thing I don't miss.
Sounds like you have a great chilled weekend ahead of you...enjoy your paper are going to get hooked all over again...just watch!
I hope this means I'll get a L.O for this weeks challenge....*hint-hint* I can't be the only one making my name mud with my bad hair...pleeezzz 'stand next to me' the bloggy scrappy sense I mean!!

jacki janse van rensburg said...

i love your description of the paper scrapping. i prefer paper scrapping to digital. but, digital is so much cleaner, and you can do it in bed...