Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I'm busy reading this book:

I read the first book towards the end of last year and I enjoyed it so much! It's about the antics of a grade 8 boy in boarding school. The theme was so apt because we were in the process of preparing for Michael to go to grade 8 and boarding school at that stage.

The second book is about his grade 9 year. The title "the madness continues" really describes the book as well as Spud's wacko family and friends to the tee. It's such and easy going and entertaining book. I love to lie in bed each night before I go to sleep and read a couple of pages. It's one of those books that you don't really want to finish.

Luckily John De Ruit recently released his 3rd Spud book. This one is lined up for me to read next!

Best of all!! The news is out - they're going to make a Spud movie! Can't wait for that!


jacqui said...

Glad you are also enjoying the Spud series. I'm on book 3 and thoroughly enjoying it... they seem to keep getting better! I can't wait for the movie! Hope it will be as good as the books.. Enjoy!!!!

Tertia said...

I LOVE the Spud books. I am going to Bloemfontein tomorrow to watch the Drummie Nationals and book 3 is going with. Can't wait!!

Stefanie said...

Hello Michelle
And thanks for leaving your comment on my bloggie.
He is feeling a little better going on a one-on-one with his Dad for lunch.
Now they’re shopping for my birthday later this month.

I don’t know if you’re aware of my other blog?
Kim Watson is the featured designer for this challenge.
I am trying to increase awareness and participation over there.

I love following your blog too, even if I don’t comment regularly (I am slack I know) I keep in touch with your neck of the woods.
I have been in Cape Town since I was 4 and Germany before that so I have to say I “need” winters to be cold and wet and summers warm and dry.
It does get a little too hot in Feb but the rest of year makes up for that.

Lynette said...

Oh great...a true SA story made into a movie...that is epic!

Caroline said...

My boy and I killed ourselves laughing at the spud series. Excellent piece of writing!

Michelle Ramsay said...

I have read the first two Spud books and am busy reading the latest one - just love them. I have also seen his plays - hilarious!!! Soo looking forward to the movie.