Saturday, July 4, 2009

Saturday update

I'm a grass widow for the next 2 weeks! Leon is away on a fishing / hunting trip in Namibia. I miss him already - don't know how I will last for 2 weeks without him! The only consolation is that I know he's enjoying himself. He has such a special love for that country!

My mother is visiting me for the weekend. My sister and her daughter (as well as little girl peanut in her tummy) came to visit for the day as well. We had so much fun together! I tried to take a group photo of us all with my camera on the tri-pod, using the remote. The remote cable is a bit short so I had to lean forward to click and I just couldn't manage to get a decent shot where all out faces were "in the picture". We laughed so much! This is probably the best shot of them all:

I also took a couple of "bump" pics of Annalize and her cute 17 week tummy. I guess it's supposed to be serious and "serene" but we just couldn't stop laughing!

I got a couple of nice shots of Annalize though. Isn't she absolutely beautiful? She has always been a pretty girl but I really think that she became even more beautiful since she became pregnant!
I love this girl so much! Did I mention that she's my godchild?
We all can't wait for our little baby girl to arrive! Look at these adorable little shoes that my sister bought for her first grandchild!

After Martie and Annalize left the boys almost gave me heart failure. They were playing outside and called me to come out. When I got outside - this is where I found them:

Marco was a little lower - but still much higher than the 6 foot wall! Just look how high up Michael was! Marco got a little scared and I had to use the ladder to help him get down. They promised to never ever do that again!
What a great day! Tonight I just want to chill and tomorrow I plan to scrap up a storm!


voodoo vixen said...

Oh my... you girls all got blessed with brilliant genes and the likeness between you all is so obvious! Love the preggie tum pics, very moody and mysterious!

Yikes to the antics of your boys... my heart would have stopped!!

Desire Fourie said...

Michelle, you are one beautiful family and its so special to have your Mom with you for the weekend and I am sure she is also very excited about her next grand babba being on its way. Oooh ... I would have seriously panicked seeing those boys so high up in that tree. Hugs from Desire

Lynette said...

You all looks so happy! The new mama looks absolutely radiant. The joy of having boys...mine always gave me heart attacks when they were little and even now that they are grown up they still give me heart attacks.


jacqui said...

You have one lucky hubby! I was born in Namibia and lived there for 13 wonderful years before moving to KZN! I still have a brother up there! It is a special place in my heart too! Whew! seeing your boys so high in the tree, was a reminder why God gave me girls! I wouldn't be able to cope with all the antics boys get up to! Hope you have a fabulous time scrapping up a storm! Don't miss hubby too much!

Michelle Ramsay said...

You are all very beautiful and look so alike. Boys will be boys!!!!!