Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I took a day's leave from work to spend with the kids while they're still on holiday.
Michael and I went to see this movie:
All I can say is : "!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Go see it - it's intriguing!

Marco and his friend went to see Night at the Museum 2

Leon is still in Namibia. He MMS'd these pics to me:

Now my lonely heart is really, really sad! I miss him so much!

The kids are going to stay with their dad from tonight until Sunday. It will be a long, lonely weekend for me. Only medicine I can think of to cure the loneliness is scrapping!

I got the June kit from Scarlet Lime in the post today. Lots of yummy goodies in bright colours to cheer me up!

But just for tonight I want to feel sorry for myself - I'm going to watch this movie all by myself - and cry as much as I want to. Richard Gere just seems to get more attractive the older he gets!

I love watching romantic drama's but Leon and the kids never wants to watch it with me and they make fun of me when I cry. So - this is my chance - I can watch as many tear jerkers as I want this weekend! Any recommendations?


Simply-Mel said...

We also saw Knowing last night.Intriguing is the word I would use to! I really enjoyed it but it played around the edges of my mind quite a lot.

Marley and Me is a sweet movie too...sure to shed a tear or two.

Lynette said...

So did you watch the movie...and did you cry? I hope time flies for you until DH is back home.

Desire Fourie said...

Thanks for sharing your ratings on these movies. I will definitely have to make a plan to see the Cage movie, I am a big fan of him. Hope you don't miss DH too much. Hugs from Desire

SABEE said...

you have to go and watch , My sister keeper, when it is out in SA.... you not going to cry , you going to sob.... good for the soul, and it is a beautiful story too :)
I think we discussed this now didnt we.. :)

Sophia said...

Hey GF I watched the Knowing tonight too, how freaky!!!