Saturday, July 11, 2009

I've been tagged ...

... by Lynette to do this list:

I am: Michelle .... and I'm a scrapaholic! ;)
I don’t think: about bad things too often
I want: the builders out of my house and my life!!!
I have: an unbelievable blessed life!
I like: being a woman
I dislike: queues
I hate: unfairness
I dream: of travelling all over the world to all places weird and wonderful!
I fear: missing my real purpose in life
I am annoyed: with the lawlessness in our country
I crave: a good night's uninterrupted sleep
I usually: drive too fast!
I search: for my keys - always!!!
I hide: my emotions
I wonder: where I put my car keys?
I know: that all will work out in the end
I just can’t help: but be amazed when I look at the little details of God's creation
I regret: that I had Daisy (our Dashund) fixed. She would've made such a good mommy and we all would've love to see her puppies :(
I love: being a mother
I can’t live without: breathing :D
I try to: live close to my Heavenly Father
I enjoy: reading good books
I don’t care: too much about what other people think / say about me
I always: sleep on the same side of the bed - no matter where I sleep
I never want to: lose my sense of humour - no matter how old I get
I rely on: The grace of God to get me through each and every day
I believe: everything happens for a reason
I dance: while I'm cooking :)
I sing: along to the music in my car
I argue: only when I know the outcome really matters
I write: lists so I can remember
I win: when I can maintain control over my tongue and my emostions in tight spots
I lose: when I lose my self control
I wish: I could one day pick up a newspaper and only read good news
I listen: to what people say between the lines
I don’t understand: how anybody could hurt children and animals
I’m scared of: something bad happening to my kids
I forget: everything unless I set a reminder or make a list
I am happy: when I have all my loved ones under one roof

Everybody reading this and feeling like doing this list - consider yourself tagged! Just let me know so I can go check out your list. :)

I watched this movie on DVD last night:

Everybody who hasn't seen this - go get it at your DVD shop and watch it - it's unforgettable!

This afternoon I went to scrap with my new scrappy friends at our local Scrap Shop. We had so much fun creating s littlr mini book! I will try to finish it up romorrow and will post piftures when I do.

Now it's off to bed time for me!

Sleep tight :)


Michelle Ramsay said...

That is a great list. The movie looks interesting, will have to look it up.

Lynette said...

Loved learning more about you...thank you for taking up the tag. You sound like somebody I would love to meet in the flesh...maybe one day..

Simply-Mel said...

I LOVE that movie - I actually went out and bought it for my son who is music/guitar mad...we just play certain scenes over and over again for him! Its a lovely, under-rated movie indeed.

Really enjoyed reading your list - little window into who you are? ;-)

Desire Fourie said...

It was great reading about you ... those damn car keys! Glad you are getting together regularly now with your new found scrapping buddies.