Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mid week babble

It's been a pretty uneventful week so far. Kids went back to school after their winter school break on Tuesday and everything is sort of back to normal.

I started exercising again on Monday and this time I really hope I can keep it up. So far so good - I went every afternoon after work this week. I go to Curves not far from my house and I must say - their approach to fitness really suit me - 30 minutes 3 times a week is not unattainable - even for me.
I try to give my eyes some rest from the computer screen, so unfortunately I haven't been playing with my favourite toy - Photoshop - for days. Instead I've been reading a bit. I know that also puts strain on my eyes but not as much as PS and there's no way that I can just do nothing! I'm busy reading Spud. I love this book! It's so entertaining! Can't wait to finish it so I can start reading the sequel - "The Madness Continues". Wish I had more time for reading!
Great news is that Leon passed his PH (Professional Hunter) course - with flying colours I have to add! Congratulations my love - I'm so proud of you! XO

Best news of all - he's coming home tomorrow! Yay!!!!

One last thing - have you seen this - Postcrossing:
I think it's a cool idea to send and receive real postcards to and from all over the world. You subscribe - request an address - look at the profile of the person - then write and send a postcard to that person. For each postcard that you send you will get one in return. Cool hey! I just love getting "real" post in the mail and if it can be pretty postcards with pretty stamps on it from countries that I didn't even know existed - so much better! My problem now is to find pretty postcards to send off - can you believe that in my boring old town I can't find one postcard that has a picture on it - not a single one. I'm sure I will find some in Parys or else I'll have to print my own.

All for now - I'm off to bed now.


Dizzy said...

Having 2 boys at boarding school, I must say Spud is totally relevant to my life, even if a bit exaggerated (I hope)!

Michelle McGee said...

Hello there... you do not live too far for me to send you books!!! Send me your address and the books you want and they are yours!!


Anonymous said...

thought I would say HIIIIIIIIIII Mich. Your blog is such fun and I will pop in and say hi more often ! Love your digi designns ! whohoooo

sam ellis

voodoo vixen said...

Curves! My friend does curves and her shape is looking better all the time... I am too lazy to do Curves.... so my shape will have to remain as it is... and hay, round is a shape!! ;)

If you go to my blog you can collect the award I just gave you!!

Tracy'sspace said...

I love Spud, and the sequel is great too!