Saturday, July 5, 2008

It's real life # 3

Yay! My Internet Explorer is in a good mood today! It allows me to log onto blogger and I can even post - from home!

This time I took the photos for Jessica's It's Real Life challenge at my own house and of my own bedroom. It's really feminine to say the least - all pink and frilly and full of teddys and handbags and girly stuff. I guess all that will change soon but as long as it lasts - I love my bedroom just as it is!

Here is one that I took this morning before I made the bed - I guess that's what this challenge is all about - show it like it is.
This is the view from my bedroom window - my front yard. Nothing closely resembling the beautiful view that Jessica has but I lot of good memories have been made under that tree! That's the place where we have braais (barbecue) and spend a lot of time in summer just chatting to friends while the kids play in the garden.
OK - now my bed is all made up - looks a bit better hey? I love stuffed animals - told you I'm just a little girl at heart. This is my dresser - full of "stuff" - too much I know but I just can't get rid of any of it. Even my mothers day gift and card are still on there!
This is an arrangement of some pretty pictures on my wall. The long stem roses is a cross stitch that I made myself. This is the guardian angel above my bed. These are my pj's - I love them - so comfy and cozy! This one is my favourite - I adore that little owl. Think I'm gonna try to recreate this cute little owl in Photoshop.
That's it for now. On my way to go take a peek into the other bedrooms ...


KJ-Starre said...

Thanks for sharing your bedroom with us....I had no idea you were a pretty in pink kinda girl...but now that I do, it is so perfectly you :o)

You cross stitch talented thing.

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

I always wanted one of those canopy things. It looks like a beautiful room.

I like the picture next to your vanity too.