Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I took the day off!

This being the last week of the kids' school holidays, I decided to take 2 days leave to spend with them. We slept late (7 o'clock is regarded as late in our house alright) ate breakfast and went to watch movies at a new shopping mall in another town just for the kicks! They say change is as good as a holiday and as we don't have enough time for a proper holiday we opt for the change part and went to watch movies at a new shopping mall in Potchefstroom - a town that's about 80km's from our house.

What a great day we had! The kids couldn't agree on which movie they wanted to watch, so we went to see different movies in the end! Van you believe that I allowed my baby to sit in the movie theatre all by himself. Michael and I went to see Hancock (what a great movie!)
while Marco went to see Kung Fu Panda.
Afterwards we went for lunch at the Wimpy and highlight of the day - Mozart ice cream for desert - yum

Afterwards I took the kids to one of the museums in Potchefstroom. Marco actually nagged me to take them and we all enjoyed it so much!

Wish I could spend more days like this with my kids!

Tonight we'll sleep over in Parys at Leon's house (did I mention that I miss him terribly!) Tomorrow we'll go home and hopefully feel like we've had a little teeny weeny holiday! :)

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KJ-Starre said...

Sounds like a fantastic day! We saw Kung-Fu panda yesterday...I LOVED it. I laughed so hard at Jack Black...he was a perfect Panda :o)