Sunday, July 27, 2008

A bit of soul searching ....

I've been quiet this past week - I know. I find it more and more difficult to cope with the clash between the demands at work and my yearning to do something creative. It's like a constant war inside me! The harsh corporate rules and procedures and worst of all - POLITICS - drain my energy and I feel like a limp sucked out orange by the time I get home with no energy left to do anything creative. It feels like I'm giving "them" the best of me while my kids and I have to be satisfied with whatever is left over. I just can't carry on doing it! I'm 100% sure that's not what Gods plan is for my life! I really try to stay positive and find a balance somewhere in between but it's hard. I live for weekends. It's so wonderful to be surrounded by the people I love all day long and do the things we love - either together or on our own.

This weekend is our "no-kids" weekend. Yesterday Leon and I went to the "Bundu" Expo in Pretoria. He was in heaven amongst all the hunting, fishing and nature conservation exhibits. Bought a lot of books and DVD's and I got a pair of "proper" Wolverine hiking boots just like these:

Can't wait to try them out somewhere in the great outdoors! :)

I will try to make the best of the time that I have today and do as much creative things as humanly possible. So watch this space - I'll be back!!!!!! :D

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