Sunday, November 15, 2009

My weekend

I've been busy this weekend. Not scrapping, not painting, not even going away. I was at home (or at least in my hometown) all the time busy, busy busy!

I made place cards for my moms 80th birthday party coming up in 2 weeks time. I have it all printed now but still have to make it up together with the little gift bags that will go with it. Will post pictures later as soon as I have them finished. I still have to do the menus and table seating.
I went furniture shopping for something to put in my front passage. As you all probably know by now - I love antique furniture. I found a nice sideboard ... as well as something else I didn't bargain on buying but just couldn't resist!

This is the sideboard:
When I saw this quint little church bench I just had to have it for my front porch!
I bought this little handmade clock about a year ago but still had it packed because I wanted to keep it until I had the sideboard to put it on. At last this little work of art could see daylight again! Just look at the protruding arms! Love it! I also bought this painting that I've been eyeing for ages today: It's by a local Parys artist - Annette Dannhauzer. I love her work. It's filled with religious symbolism. The name of this specific one is "Mi Casa Su Casa".
Next weekend we're having a student exhibition at the gallery where I take art class. I still have a painting to finish. I wanted to do that today but just didn't get to it. I guess 3 paintings of mine will have to be enough. I had one of the paintings that I finished a while ago framed. This is what is looks like framed.
I also finished this one about a month ago. The one that I'm busy with is also a rose, but from another angle to go with this one. Will show you pictures of it once it's done.
This afternoon I went to pick lavenders to put in a vase. I found a whole bunch of honey bees and dragon flies having a party in the lavender bush! I quickly went to fetch my camera and switched the lenses. I took these pics using my macro lens.

In between everything else I packed a a little thank you gift with goodies for Julie - to say thanks for her trouble forwarding the packages from Amazon to us.
I also made up this package with books and a little added surprise for my namesake - Michelle McGee.
Will get both of these out on their journey to the USA tomorow.

Hope all of you also had a great weekend! Will read all about it tomorrow. Now I'm wasted and just want to crawl into bed - but not before I spoil myself with a warm bubble bath!


Stefanie said...

Wow you have been super busy.
I love your stuff... the church pew, the sideboard, the clock and the painting...Ooooo love that painting too.
Hope you sleep well.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.....silly girl.....i am honored that a package is headed my way....but i didn't want to cause U any problems...i was happy to help!! I love love love love the finds U got...that church bench just makes my heart BEYOND happy...and that rose painting is AMAZING!! wowwwwwww! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Lynette said...

I love all your lovely finds! Did you go shopping in Parys?

Gorgeous photography.

What Antique Furniture said...

your blog looks interesting please advise me with you shopping locations

Michelle Ramsay said...

Your furniture looks absolutely stunning and that clock is just too cute. Your paintings are beautiful and your framed one looks so good in that room. Well done.

Desire Fourie said...

Sjoe, I am quite breathless reading about all your latest doings. I am totally in love with the quaint church bench on your porch, being an antique lover myself. And wow what a talented artist you are ... the framed painting looks stunning against the wall and blends perfectly with your decor.
Happy planning on the 80th B'day Party ... what an achievement.