Monday, March 16, 2009

At last!

At last! I have my life (and my blog!!!) back!

I couldn’t access my Google account since I cancelled my Telkom ADSL and therefore couldn’t access my old mailbox. I tried to get assistance from Google on various occasions but I guess I just didn’t have the time, energy or patience to carry through the process of changing my details and resetting my account.

This weekend I had a specific urge to blog and decided that today was the day that I was going to sort this thing out, and … wha-la … here I am – back on my blog!

I really missed blogging and I missed my blogging friends terribly.

You won’t believe it but they are still busy building!!!!! Although everything still seems to be chaotic, they are slowly but surely getting closer to finishing up.

The kids and I have now moved out of our house in Sasolburg and we now are fully fledged “Parisians”. I’m falling more and more in love with this little town by the day. I plan to take my camera with me on my next “Paris Rendezvous” and will give you a virtual tour of the town of Parys (that’s the one in the Freestate province of South Africa on the banks of the Vaal River, not the one on the banks of the Seine) one of these days.

My life has been such a whirl wind the past couple of months. I moved house, both my kids started school at new schools, Michael went to boarding school in another town. It has been a time of change and adjustment for us all which was (to put it mildly) not easy at all times.

Marco really experienced a whole lot of problems adjusting to the new school. I guess it was just too many changes at once for one little boy to manage. He had to go to go to a public school for the first time in his life. He was used to having English as his first language in school, now had to adjust to being taught in Afrikaans. He really had a hard time reading Afrikaans – even though it’s his home language. The other major change was that he had to cope with all these changes without the support of his big brother. Michael has always been there for Marco and has obviously provided a huge sense of security. He went through a rough time but now I’m glad to say that he has made lots of new friends and is happy to go to school each day.

I’m also glad to report that Michael is having a ball at boarding school! He thoroughly enjoys high school and didn’t have a single problem in adjusting to boarding school. He’s such an easy going and goofy kid and he fits right into the culture of his new school (Pothefstroom Gimnasium). He has grown up so fast! In a few short weeks he has really grown from my little boy to a full blown teenager!

I also have to announce that I am now the owner of the most beautiful kitchen in the whole wide world! I know that this is a very subjective view but I can honestly say that my dream kitchen has come to life. I know, I know – where’s the pictures?? I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t taken one single photo of my kitchen since it was completed a couple of weeks ago. That is so unlike me not to take pictures but I guess I’ll be back to my old Photo-maniac self in due time.

Now that I’m back onboard Blogger I’ll be sure to take some snaps and will post them for you before the week is over – I promise!

Now I have to pop over to say hi to all my blogging friends – can’t wait to “see” all of you again!!!!!


Stefanie said...

Welcome back, we have missed you. Can't wait to see the new kitchen.

Simply-Mel said...

So good to see you back in blogville. Sounds like a tumultuous few months you have had.

Look forward to seeing all your pics!

Sophia said...

Hey girl, we missed you...Cannot wait to see your photos of the home.

Desire Fourie said...

Sjoe, your lives have really been upside down, but I am glad to hear that things have kind of settled into a routine with the kids and that have adjusted well. So when can we see some pics of the other renovations being done to your house, apart from your GORGEOUS new kitchen? Hugs from Desire